Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD372 .C53T75 1989 The Trial of Charles I : a documentary history / 1
KD372 .D86Si58 1984 Cannibalism and the common law : the story of the tragic last voyage of the Mignonette and the strange legal proceedings to which it gave rise / 1
KD372 .J52 .O7 The trial at bar of Sir Roger C.D. Tichborne, bart., in the Court of Queen's bench at Westminster, before Lord Chief Justice Cockburn, Mr. Justice Mellor, & Mr. Justice Lush, for perjury, commencing Wednesday, April 23, 1873, and ending Saturday, February 28, 1874. To which is prefixed a biographical sketch of the defendant. Dedicated to Her Majesty the Queen: 1
KD372 .P24 1925 The Overbury mystery; a chronicle of facts and drama of the law, 1
KD372 .R49 1950 Courtroom, the story of Samuel S. Leibowitz 1
KD372.T74 W48 1992 The Treason Trials, 1794 / 1
KD373.A33 D49 1985 Easing the passing : the trial of Dr John Bodkin Adams / 1
KD373 .K76L62 1933 Trial of Benjamin Knowles, 1
KD373 .St29At66 1911 Trial of the Stauntons, 1
KD373.S4 S42 1914 Trial of the Seddons / 1
KD376 .M49 1806 The trial, by impeachment, of Henry lord viscount Melville : for high crimes and misdemeanors, before the House of Peers, in Westminster Hall, between the 29th of April and the 17th of May, 1806. To which is prefixed, a sketch of the life and political character of His Lordship, and a complete account of the proceedings in Parliament relative to the charges on which the impeachment was founded 1
KD378 .J39 1921 Fifteen decisive battles of the law; being a study of some leading cases in the law of England. 1
KD379 .An76 1912 The Annesley case, 1
KD379.C7 .E46 1744 FOLIO The trial in ejectment (at large) between Campbell Craig, lessee of James Annesley, esq., and others, plaintiff, and the right honourable Richard Earl of Anglesey, defendant : before the Barons of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland, begun on Friday, November 11, 1743, and continued by several adjournments to Friday the 25th of the said month, containing the whole evidence as deliver'd by the witnesses, with all the speeches and arguments of the judges and of the council, corrected and revised by themselves 1
KD379.5.W6 H99 1956 The three trials of Oscar Wilde. 1
KD392 .B62 1980 Law librarianship / 1
KD392 .B63 1986 The year books : lectures delivered in the University of London at the request of the Faculty of Laws / 1
KD392 .C5385 2013 Legal research : a practitioner's handbook / 1
KD392 .C54 1992 Using a law library : a student's guide to legal research skills / 1
KD392 .D36 1979 How to use a law library / 1