Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD5352 .B7 British tax review 1
KD5354.78 .H37 1923 A digest and index of the official reports of tax cases : (income tax, super-tax, inhabited house duty, and corporation duty) : being a judicial dictionary of tax law / 1
KD5355.A2 G74 Reports of tax cases 1
KD5359 .K18 1983 The British tax system / 1
KD5375 .R47 2013 Restitution of overpaid tax / 1
KD5380 .D28 1985 Principles of international double taxation relief / 1
KD5380 .U5 1980 UK/US double tax treaties guide : the text of the 1980 Income Convention with notes / 1
KD5429 .N47 1930 Income tax law and practice / 1
KD5483.I53 G13 1984 Intellectual property law and taxation / 1
KD5494.A4 M53 1985 Migration United Kingdom : a handbook on the taxation and legal implications of coming to, investing in, and leaving the United Kingdom / 1
KD5534 .W4 1937 Valuation of real property; a guide to the principles of valuation of land and buildings, etc. for various purposes 1
KD5560 .C36 1983 Capital transfer tax / 1
KD5560 .H19 1897 The acts relating to estate, probate, legacy, and succession duties / 1
KD5650 .L95 1942 The British tariff movement, 1
KD5660 .E9K83 1982 Cooperation between management and labor : a survey of co-determination mechanisms in European corporations / 1
KD6293.A52 J3 1820 A collection of the charges, opinions, and sentences of general courts martial : as published by authority; from the year 1795 to the present time; intended to serve as an appendix to Tytler's Treatise on military law, and forming a book of cases and references; with a copious index / 1
KD6322 .S46 1927 Naval history in the law courts; a selection of old maritime cases, 1
KD6850 .B63 1922 The general eyre; lectures delivered in the University of London at the request of the Faculty of laws, 1
KD6850 .C24 1944 A history of the English courts : history of English legal institutions / 1
KD6850 .C66 1797 The fourth part of the Institutes of the laws of England. Concerning the jurisdiction of courts. 1