Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD4902 .J83 2000 Judicial review and the constitution / 1
KD4902 .L49 1992 Judicial remedies in public law / 1
KD4902 .S96 1987 Lions over the throne : the judicial revolution in English administrative law / 1
KD5020 .A56 Annual survey of Commonwealth law 1
KD5020.A59 C45 1858 Opinions of eminent lawyers on various points of English jurisprudence : chiefly concerning the colonies, fisheries, and commerce of Great Britain ; collected and digested, from the originals in the Board of Trade and other depositories / 1
KD5020 .A73 .B77 The British Commonwealth; the development of its laws and constitutions 1
KD5020 .A73B77 v.11 1962 Scotland : the development of its laws and constitution / 1
KD5020 .N64 1929 The present juridical status of the British dominions in international law, 1
KD5025 .M35 1984 Constitutional conventions : the rules and forms of political accountability / 1
KD5025 .W56 1960 The constitutional structure of the Commonwealth 1
KD5041 .D57 2011 Discovering indigenous lands : the doctrine of discovery in the English colonies / 1
KD5114.2 .A2 1811 Reports of cases argued and determined before the most noble and right honorable the Lords Commissioners of Appeals in prize causes: also on appeal to the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council : containing the judgments in June 1809 to [Trinity term 1811] : with an appendix, containing orders in Council, notifications, instructions, &c. relating to prize and maritime law, issued from June 21st 1809 to August 15th 1810 / 1
KD5118 .G77 1914 Manual of emergency legislation, comprising all the acts of Parliament, proclamations, orders, &c., passed and made in consequence of the war to September 30th, 1914 / 1
KD5126 .S5 1941 The War damage act, 1941 : and the War risks insurance act, 1939, part II (Commodity insurance scheme) / 1
KD5295 .B68 1982 Law and the economy / 1
KD5326 .R56 1983 Tax policy-making in the United Kingdom : a study of rationality, ideology and politics / 1
KD5345 .P65 1982 Pinson on revenue law, comprising income tax, capital gains tax, development land tax, corporation tax, capital transfer tax, value added tax, stamp duties, tax planning 1
KD5352 .B7 British tax review 1
KD5354.78 .H37 1923 A digest and index of the official reports of tax cases : (income tax, super-tax, inhabited house duty, and corporation duty) : being a judicial dictionary of tax law / 1
KD5355.A2 G74 Reports of tax cases 1