Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD532 .P85 1962 Potter's historical introduction to English law and its institutions 1
KD532 .P856 1945 A short outline of English legal history / 1
KD532 .R11 1937 The English legal system / 1
KD532 .R11 1946 The English legal system, 1
KD532 .R71 1980 The growth of English law : being the studies in the evolution of law and procedure in England / 1
KD532 .Z9K32 1963 Legal history : law and social change / 1
KD532.Z9 K44 1990 Historical introduction to Anglo-American law in a nutshell / 1
KD532.Z9 R86 1929 Outline of legal history / 1
KD536 .B35 1998 Monuments of endlesse labours : English canonists and their work, 1300-1900 / 1
KD536 .C69 1779 The peerage of England : containing a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of that kingdom, now existing, either by tenure, summons, or creation, their descents and collateral lines, their births, marriages, and issue, famous actions both in war and peace, religious and charitable donations, deaths, places of burial, monuments, epitaphs, and many valuable memoirs never before printed. Also their paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters and mottoes, curiously engraved on copper-plates / 1
KD536 .H71 1938 Some makers of English law / 1
KD536 .H71 1966 Some makers of English law : the Tagore lectures, 1937-38 / 1
KD536 .Sp49 1825 The spirit of the age: or, Contemporary portraits .. 1
KD540 .G98b 1866 Bracton and his relation to the Roman law. A contribution to the history of the Roman law in the middle ages. 1
KD540 .H64 1997 Roman and civil law and the development of Anglo-American jurisprudence in the nineteenth century / 1
KD540 .S37 1985 The influence of the Roman law on the law of England : being the Yorke prize essay of the University of Cambridge for the year 1884 / 1
KD540 .S4 1925 Ioannis Seldeni Ad Fletam dissertatio. 1
KD540 .S4 1980 Ioannis Seldeni Ad Fletam dissertatio / 1
KD542 .A4 1858 Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen. In der Ursprache mit Übersetzung, Erläuterungen und einem antiquarischen Glossar 1
KD542 .G79 1840 Ancient laws and institutes of England : comprising laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings from Æthelbirht to Cnut, with an English translation of the Saxon; the laws called Edward the Confessor's; the laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First : also, Monumenta ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the seventh to the tenth century; and the ancient Latin version of the Anglo-Saxon laws : with a compendious glossary, &c. / 1