Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD720 .E54 2000 English private law / 1
KD721 .B81 1802 A compendious view of the civil law, and of the law of the admiralty, being the substance of a course of lectures read in the University of Dublin, 1
KD721 .B81 1840 A compendious view of the civil law, and law of the admiralty; being the substance of a course of lectures read in the University of Dublin 1
KD723 .G78 1953 Status in the common law 1
KD725 .D54 1879 The law of domicil as a branch of the law of England, stated in the form of rules. 1
KD725 . .P54 1847 The law of domicil / 1
KD728 .B5F79 The judges of England; with sketches of their lives, and miscellaneous notices connected with the courts at Westminster, from the time of the conquest. 1
KD734 .A75 .W84 1985 Women-in-law : explorations in law, family, and sexuality / 1
KD734 .B27 1983 The position in law of women : a concise and comprehensive treatise on the position of women at common law as modified by the doctrines of equity and by recent legislation : together with the married women's property acts, 1870, 1874, 1882, the rules of the Supreme Court, 1883, relating to taking acknowledgements, and the postal regulations, 1883, affecting married women / 1
KD734 .K56 1991 What's wrong with rights? : problems for feminist politics of law / 1
KD734 .L41 1974 The Laws respecting women. 1
KD734 .L58 1983 Women's welfare : women's rights / 1
KD734 .O5 1985 Sexual divisions in law / 1
KD734 .S77 1998 Women waging law in Elizabethan England / 1
KD737 .C77 1921 Insanity and mental deficiency in relation to legal responsibility : a study in psychological jurisprudence / 1
KD737 .L44 1966 The recognition of mental illness in London; a study of the social processes determining compulsory admission to an observation unit in a London hospital, 1
KD744.J4 .H47 2011 An unfortunate coincidence : Jews, Jewishness, and English law / 1
KD750 .B78 1966 Family law 1
KD750 .B78 1971 Family law 1
KD750 .D69 2020 Obligation and commitment in family law 1