Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD7632 .B62 1972 Final appeal: a study of the House of Lords in its judicial capacity, 1
KD7632 .F76 2011 From House of Lords to Supreme Court : judges, jurists and the process of judging / 1
KD7632 .P18 1830 The practice in the House of lords, on appeals, writs of error, and claims of peerage, with a compendious account of dignities; to which is prefixed an introductory historical essay on the appellate jurisdiction. 1
KD7644 .F78 1985 The law and the practice of compromise / 1
KD7644 .M35 1985 Alternatives to criminal courts : the potential for non-judicial dispute settlement / 1
KD7645 .K98 1791 A treatise on the law of awards 1
KD7645 .R72 1916 A report on commercial arbitration in England / 1
KD7645 .R91 1982 Russell on the law of arbitration 1
KD7645 .W54 1793 A short treatise on the law relative to arbitration : containing adjudged cases on that useful subject to the present time ; digested and arranged under familiar heads, with an appendix of useful precedents / 1
KD7850 .B41 1984 Criminal law and society in late medieval and Tudor England / 1
KD7850 .C86G87 1977 The Criminal law act 1977 / 1
KD7850 .C88 1949 An introduction to criminal law, 1
KD7850 .D34 1772 Considerations on criminal law 1
KD7850 .L41 1985 Codification of the criminal law : a report to the Law Commission / 1
KD7850 .N67 1993 Crime, reason, and history : a critical introduction to criminal law / 1
KD 7850 .N67 2001 Crime, reason and history : a critical introduction to criminal law / 1
KD7850 .P63 1873-76 A history of crime in England, illustrating the changes of the laws in the progress of civilisation; 1
KD7850 .R11 1948 A history of English criminal law and its administration from 1750 / 1
KD7850 .R91 1824 A treatise on crimes and misdemeanors. 1
KD7850 .R91 1831 A treatise on crimes and indictable misdemeanors ... With additional notes of decisions in the American courts, 1