Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD8329 .B65 1792 A treatise on convictions on penal statutes. 1
KD8329 .G76 1983 Tightening the reins of justice in America : a comparative analysis of the criminal jury trial in England and the United States / 1
KD8329 .P75 1986 The Police : powers, procedures, and proprieties / 1
KD8329 .Z36 1995 The Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984 / 1
KD8329 .Z36 2002 The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 / 1
KD8335 .B65 1970 Prison before trial: a study of remand decisions in magistrates' courts 1
KD8335 .D49 1958 The criminal prosecution in England 1
KD8338 .P76 1982 Search & seizure : constitutional and common law / 1
KD8338 .S72 1985 Entry, search, and seizure / 1
KD8340 .D36 1940 Antiquities of bail : origin and historical development in criminal cases to the year 1275 / 1
KD8340 .K58 1971 Bail or custody: 1
KD8344 .B53 1981 The law and practice of extradition / 1
KD8344 .C55 1888 A treatise upon the law of extradition : with the conventions upon the subject existing between England and foreign nations, and the cases decided thereon / 1
KD8348 .B64 1854 A synopsis of the law relating to indictable offences : in which the crimes in alphabetical order, the respective punishments, the necessary evidence, together with observations embracing a condensed digest of cases are tabularly arranged and comprising also references to precedents of indictments for each offence and to the text writers on criminal pleading and evidence / 1
KD8348 .B67 1910 Criminal proceedings on indictment and information (in England and Wales). / 1
KD8348 .H39 2002 Law as last resort : prosecution decision-making in a regulatory agency / 1
KD8348 .J98 1970 The prosecution process in England and Wales. 1
KD8348 .M43 1833 A digest of the law relating to offences punishable by indictment, and by information in the Crown office, alphabetically arranged. With a collection of precedents. 1
KD8350 .S69 1789 The security of Englishmen's lives, or, The trust, power and duty of the grand juries of England. 1
KD8356 .G35 1960 Time spent awaiting trial / 1