Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD8450 .H14 1975 Changing prisons / 1
KD8450 .J98 1983 Justice in prison : a report / 1
KD8450 .R52 1993 Law, process, and custody : prisoners and patients / 1
KD8450 .So13 1971 Crisis in crime - and punishment: a study of a penal reform by a Committee of the Society of Conservative Lawyers 1
KD8450 .T36 1972 The English prison officer since 1850: a study in conflict 1
KD8450 .T73 1971 Men in cages, 1
KD8452 .C88 1965 Paradoxes in prison sentences, 1
KD8452 .H83 1929 The state of the prisons, 1
KD8452 .K66 1973 People in prison 1
KD8452 .P69 1971 The punitive obsession: an unvarnished history of the English prison system 1
KD8452 .P94 1974 Progress in penal reform / 1
KD8452 .W93 1982 Making good : prisons, punishment, and beyond / 1
KD8454 .B7 .P25 1953 Broadmoor; a history of criminal lunacy and its problems 1
KD8454 .P3B95 1852 Results of the system of separate confinement, as administered at the Pentonville Prison. 1
KD8458 .C14 1961 Attendance centres : an enquiry by the Cambridge Institute of Criminology on the use of Section 19 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1948 / 1
KD8458 .G62 1967 Studies of female offenders, 1
KD8458 .H76 1965 Borstal re-assessed 1
KD8458 .S36 1962 Custodial sentences for young offenders; report of the Scottish Advisory Council on the Treatment of Offenders 1
KD8462 .B27 1971 Volunteers in prison after-care: the report of the Teamwork Associates Pilot Project; 1
KD8462 .D28 1969 Probationers in their social environment; a study of male probationers aged 17-20, together with an analysis of those reconvicted within twelve months 1