Call Number (LC) Title Results
KD907 .L95 1856 On landed property, and the economy of estates : comprehending the relation of landlord and tenant, and the principles and forms of leases--farm buildings, enclosures, drains, embankments, roads, and other rural works--minerals--and woods / 1
KD910 .B72 1808 A treatise on the law of distresses. 1
KD910 .G37 1780 The Law and practice of distresses and replevin / 1
KD923 .G48 2004 A history of water rights at common law / 1
KD925 .G4 1734 The law and practice of ejectments. Being a compendious treatise of the common and statute law relating thereto. 1
KD925 .R87 1781 A treatise on the action of ejectment / 1
KD928 .S37 1886 Land in fetters; or, The history and policy of the laws restraining the alienation and settlement of land in England. Being the Yorke prize essay of the University of Cambridge for the year 1885. 1
KD937 .G13 1840 A treatise on the law of easements, 1
KD937 .G13 1932 A treatise on the law of easements, 1
KD937 .G13 1950 A treatise on the law of easements 1
KD937 .G54 1877 A treatise on the law of easements / 1
KD954 .B39 1924 The use of land as affected by covenants and obligations not in the form of covenants / 1
KD966 .D25 1851 A compendium of the law and practice of vendors and purchasers of real estate. 1
KD966 .D25 1888 A treatise on the law and practice relating to vendors and purchases of real estate / 1
KD966 .L41 1985 Transfer of land : formalities for contracts for sale etc [sic] of land / 1
KD966 .Ur4 1863 The Transfer of Land and Declaration of Title Acts, 1862, illustrated by the practice and decisions under the analogous Irish Acts, with notes, general orders, forms, fees, the practical directions of the land registry, and a full index. 1
KD971 .C55 1885 A concise treatise on the law relating to sales of land. 1
KD977 .Y68 1792 The Young clerk's magazine; or, English law-repository, containing a variety of the most useful precedents of articles of agreement, bonds, bills, recognizances, releases, letters and warrants of attorney, awards, bills of sale, gifts, grants, leases, assignments, mortgages, surrenders, jointures, covenants, copartnerships, charterparties, letters of licence, compositions, conveyances, partitions, wills, and all other instruments that relate to publick business .. 1
KD979 .D34 1875 An epitome of the law of corporeal hereditaments and conveyancing / 1
KD979 .F6 1790 Original precedents in conveyancing : settled and approved by the most eminent conveyancers ... / 1