Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE1149 .L38 1911 The insurance law of Canada, life, fire, marine, accident, guarantee, hail, burglary, employers' liability, etc., etc., 1
KE1165 .H66 1902 Life insurance contracts in Canada : a treatise on the scope, making, character and effect of the contract for the insurance of life in Canada, with special reference to insurance by which a trust is created / 1
KE1184 .F5G88 1889 The fire underwriters' text-book / 1
KE1229 .K68 1983 Unjust enrichment / 1
KE1232 .A7 .W93 1975 Canadian tort law : cases, notes and materials / 1
KE1232 .R28 Remedies in tort / 1
KE1232 .Z85 .S78 1977 Studies in Canadian tort law / 1
KE1237 .W43 1984 Structured settlements / 1
KE1240 .G71 1975 The Individual and the bureaucracy / 1
KE1246 .K58 1907 The law of defamation in Canada : a treatise on the principles of the common law and the statutes of the Canadian provinces concerning slander and libel as civil wrongs, with the articles of the criminal code of Canada concerning libel as an indictable offence / 1
KE1271 .M54 1956 Malpractice liability of doctors and hospitals (common law and Quebec law) 1
KE1288 .L3C46 1967 The liability of strikers in the law of tort; a comparative study of the law in England and Canada, 1
KE1345 .D62 1982 Directory of associations in Canada = Répertoire des associations du Canada / 1
KE1345.Z85 H83 1985 How to structure and document major business transactions 1
KE1361 .H38 1900 The Canadian law of partnership / 1
KE1369 .C33 1917 Canadian companies; proceedings in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (December 8-17, 1915) in the appeals of the Attorney-General for Canada v. the Attorney-General for Alberta (1916) A. C. 588, insurance reference; the Bonanza Creek Gold Mining Company v. the King (1916) A. C. 566; Attorney-General for Ontario v. Attorney-General for Canada (1916) A. C. 598, companies reference. To which is added the judgments of the Judicial Committee in these cases and in the appeal of the John Deere Plow Company v. Wharton (1915) A. C. and an index; 1
KE1369 .H18 1911 Company law. 1
KE1369 .M69 1916 A treatise on the law relating to Canadian commercial corporations, with an appendix containing the Dominion and provincial Companies acts and the Windingup acts, 1
KE1369 .M91c 1913 Canadian company law ; a collection of the statutes of the Dominion of Canada and the various provinces respecting the incorporation and control of companies 1
KE1369 .M91d 1920 Dominion company law; the Companies of the Dominion of Canada and Dominion and provincial legislation applicable to companies incorporated under the Dominion Companies act. 1