Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE1369 .M69 1916 A treatise on the law relating to Canadian commercial corporations, with an appendix containing the Dominion and provincial Companies acts and the Windingup acts, 1
KE1369 .M91c 1913 Canadian company law ; a collection of the statutes of the Dominion of Canada and the various provinces respecting the incorporation and control of companies 1
KE1369 .M91d 1920 Dominion company law; the Companies of the Dominion of Canada and Dominion and provincial legislation applicable to companies incorporated under the Dominion Companies act. 1
KE1369 .W46 1984 Corporate law in Canada : the governing principles / 1
KE1369 .W54 1901 A treatise on Canadian company law : containing a commentary on the Companies Act of the Dominion, with incidental reference to the law of the various provinces with full notes of the jurisprudences and appendices of the statutes and useful forms / 1
KE1369.Z82 L43 Legal alert 1
KE1389 .F86 1985 Fraser's handbook on Canadian company law / 1
KE1389 .I13 1977 Canadian business corporations : an analysis of recent legislative developments / 1
KE1389 .M39 1901 Canadian company law. A treatise on the law of joint stock companies in Canada, comprising the Dominion, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia companies and winding-up acts, annotated, with cross references to the acts of Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and the ordinances of the North-west Territories, as well as to the imperial companies acts, together with numerous forms and precedents, 1
KE1389 .M39 1920 Company law of Canada, 1
KE1398 .H87 1975 A commentary on the Foreign investment review act : being an act to provide for the review and assessment of acquisitions of control of Canadian business enterprises and of the establishment of new businesses in Canada / 1
KE1408 .A91 1947 Corporation finance 1
KE1450 .G23 1984 Stock purchase agreements / 1
KE1462 .A82 1974 Takeover bid legislation in Canada : a comparative analysis / 1
KE1462 .C67 1985 Securities regulation of take-over bids in Canada / 1
KE1485 .C2 1875 The Insolvent Act of 1875 : with the rules of practice and tariffs of fees in force in the different provinces of the dominion / 1
KE1485 .C55 1877 The insolvent act of 1875 and amending acts 1
KE1485 .D92 1981 Creditor-debtor law in Canada / 1
KE1494.56 B45 2002 Bennett on bankruptcy / 1
KE1495.8 .C21 Canadian bankruptcy reports annotated 1