Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE4165 .C16 1913 British North America Acts 1867-1907. Together with other imperial statutes relating to Canada; imperial orders-in-council admitting Rupert's Land, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island, respectively into the Union; the Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Yukon acts (Canada) with various amending acts; 1
KE4165 .C66 1983 A consolidation of the Constitution acts 1867 to 1982 1
KE4168 .N4 1908 The British North America acts as interpreted by the Judicial committee of the Privy council, with brief explanatory or critical text; a handbook, 1
KE4184 .H67 1982 Canada act 1982 annotated / 1
KE4199 .C59 1892 The law of the Canadian constitution / 1
KE4199 .M25 1982 Canada and the constitution, 1979-1982 : patriation and the charter of rights / 1
KE4199 .M63 1982 The new Canadian constitution / 1
KE4209 .B66 1901 A manual of the constitutional history of Canada from the earliest period to 1901; including the British North America act of 1867, a digest of judicial decisions on important questions of legislative jurisdiction, and observations on the working of parliamentary government, 1
KE4216.2 1930 .P7 1939 Canadian constitutional decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, 1930 to 1939 / 1
KE4216.3 .C37 1882 Cases decided on the British North America Act, 1867, in the Privy Council, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the provincial courts / 1
KE4216.35 .C6 .C83 1982 The Court and the constitution : comments on the Supreme Court Reference on constitutional amendment / 1
KE4218 .R31 1984 Reshaping confederation : the 1982 reform of the Canadian Constitution / 1
KE4219 .H6 1985 Constitutional law of Canada / 1
KE4219 .H6 1985 Supp Meech Lake Constitutional Accord annotated / 1
KE4219 .R22 1983 Readings in the philosophy of constitutional law / 1
KE4219.2 .C16 1983 Canada and the new constitution : the unfinished agenda / 1
KE4219.5 .L49 1981 Continuing Canadian constitutional dilemmas : essays on the constitutional history, public law and federal system of Canada / 1
KE4248 .St89 1983 The Canadian Constitution and the courts : the function and scope of judicial review / 1
KE4252.C2 W64 1984 Canadian bibliography of international law / 1
KE4252 .G83 1988 International law : a Canadian perspective : textbook edition of title 81 of the Canadian encyclopedic digest (Ontario), third edition / 1