Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE4381 .S66 1975 Some civil liberties issues of the seventies / 1
KE4381 .T17 1982 Discrimination and the law in Canada / 1
KE4381.5 .B34 1985 Equality rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms / 1
KE4381.5 .G35 1986 The law of the Charter : general principles / 1
KE4381.5.Z8 C16 1984 La Charte canadienne des droits et libertʹes : ses débuts, ses problèmes, son avenir / 1
KE4399 .C36 1993 Touchstones for change : equality, diversity and accountability : report / 1
KE4399 .L38 2000 Law as a gendering practice / 1
KE4399 .W84 1981 Women and the constitution in Canada / 1
KE4422 .M70 1984 Using the Access to Information Act : how to cut through government bureaucracy / 1
KE4422 .P94 1984 Privacy law and the media in Canada / 1
KE4454.A32 M34 1985 The annotated Immigration Act of Canada / 1
KE4456 .Ob7L41 1982 Report on obtaining reasons before applying for judicial scrutiny--Immigration Appeal Board = Rapport sur l'obtention de motifs avant la formation d'un recours judiciare--Commission d'Appel de l'Immigration 1
KE4486 .A44 .K55 1971 They can't go home again; the story of America's political refugees 1
KE4526 .B69 1982 Lawmaking by the people : referendums and plebiscites in Canada / 1
KE4535 .B66 1892 Parliamentary procedure and practice; with a review of the origin, growth and operation of parliamentary institution in the Dominion of Canada, and an appendix, containing the British North America act of 1867 and amending acts. 1
KE4535 .B66 1894 A Canadian manual on the procedure at meetings of municipal councils, shareholders and directors of companies, synods, conventions, societies and public bodies generally : with an introductory review of the rules and usages of Parliament that govern public assemblies in Canada / 1
KE4535 .B66 1903 Parliamentary procedure and practice in the Dominion of Canada. With historical introduction and an appendix. 1
KE4535 .T56 1868 A treatise on the proceedings to be adopted in conducting or opposing private bills in the Parliament of Canada; and the standing orders of both Houses in relation thereto .. 1
KE4560 .A33 .M6 1918-61 Model acts recommended from 1918 to 1961 inclusive 1
KE4560 .A66 Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Conference of Commisssioners on Uniformity of Legislation in Canada
Uniform Law Conference of Canada Proceedings of the ...annual meeting of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada= Conférence sur l'uniformisation des lois au Canada
Proceedings of the ... annual meeting of the Conference of Commissioners on Uniformity of Laws throughout Canada