Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE1790 .M24 1898 The law of mines in Canada / 1
KE1940 .P27 1986 Canadian regulation of international trade and investment / 1
KE1973 .F86 2005 Fundamentals of franchising, Canada / 1
KE1987 .C7 .S53 1970 Credit reporting and privacy; the law in Canada and the U.S.A. 1
KE1987.R4 F81 1984 Real estate agency law / 1
KE2076.4 .C3 Canadian railway cases 1
KE2076.54 .M222 1906-10 The Canadian railway act R. S. C. (1906), cap. 37, and amending acts 1907-1910, with notes of cases decided thereon including the decisions of the Board of Railway Commissioners respecting telephone, telegraph and express companies 1
KE2114 .A15L41 1983 Alcohol, drugs and driving offences : investigative tests 1
KE2550 .N47 1981 Newspapers and the law / 1
KE2550 .R54 1981 Courts and the media / 1
KE2560 .Z85T23 1982 Telecommunications regulation and the constitution / 1
KE2614 .A33L41 1980 The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission : a study of administrative procedure in the CRTC / 1
KE2793.3 .F73 1985 Minutes of proceedings and evidence of the Sub-committee of the Standing Committee on Communications and Culture on the Revision of Copyright : respecting From Gutenberg to Telidon, revision of the Canadian Copyright Act : including the first and second reports to the House, first session of the Thirty-third Parliament, l984-85 = Procès-verbaux et témoignages du Sous-comité du Comité permanent des communications et de la culture sur la révision de la Loi canadienne sur le droit d'auteur .. 1
KE2799.A2 F76 1984 From Gutenberg to Telidon : a white paper on copyright : proposals for the revision of the Canadian Copyright Act 1
KE2799.A2 .F766 1984 From Gutenberg to Telidon : a guide to Canada's copyright revision proposals 1
KE2988 .C16 1979 Canadian competition policy : essays in law and economics / 1
KE3109 .A17 1985 Canadian labour law : a comprehensive text / 1
KE3109 .A77 1984 Labour law and industrial relations in Canada / 1
KE3153 .D73 1983 Canada Labour Relations Board : federal law and practice / 1
KE3153 .K28 1980 Canada Labour Relations Board : a study paper prepared for the Law Reform Commission of Canada / 1