Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE4535 .B66 1903 Parliamentary procedure and practice in the Dominion of Canada. With historical introduction and an appendix. 1
KE4535 .T56 1868 A treatise on the proceedings to be adopted in conducting or opposing private bills in the Parliament of Canada; and the standing orders of both Houses in relation thereto .. 1
KE4560 .A33 .M6 1918-61 Model acts recommended from 1918 to 1961 inclusive 1
KE4560 .A66 Proceedings of the annual meeting of the Conference of Commisssioners on Uniformity of Legislation in Canada
Uniform Law Conference of Canada Proceedings of the ...annual meeting of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada= Conférence sur l'uniformisation des lois au Canada
Proceedings of the ... annual meeting of the Conference of Commissioners on Uniformity of Laws throughout Canada
KE4560 .L3413 1981 Drafting laws in French : working group study carried out between 1977 and 1979 / 1
KE4658 .A356 1872 Decisions of the speakers of the Legislative Assembly and House of Commons of Canada, from 1841 to June 1872 : with an appendix containing the speakers' decisions on election petition recognizances / 1
KE4775 .M36 1993 Judicial power and the charter : Canada and the paradox of liberal constitutionalism / 1
KE4904 .A15 The Canadian municipal journal / 1
KE4904 .B48 1900 The municipal manual (part I.) containing "The Municipal act" (R. S. O. c.223) and the amending acts of 1898, 1899 and 1900. viz.-61V. c. 23: 62V. (1st session), cc. 2 and 5: 62V (2nd session) cc. 26 and 30: and 63V. cc. 9, 33, 35, 36 and 37, with notes of cases bearing thereon 1
KE4940 .D32 1922 The principle official independence, with particular reference to the political history of Canada, 1
KE5006 .G76 1980 The police, a policy paper : a study paper / 1
KE5006 .S74 1981 Legal status of the police : a study paper / 1
KE5015 .A66P94 1979 Proceedings of the Administrative Law Conference held at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law on 18-19 October 1979 1
KE5015 .A72L39 1985 The legal status of the federal administration / 1
KE5015 .B53 1997 Administrative law in Canada / 1
KE5015 .D94 Administrative law : a treatise / 1
KE5015 .L41 1980 Independent administrative agencies / 1
KE5019.A72 L3 1985 Report on independent administrative agencies : a framework for decision making 1
KE5019 .A72 .S58 1982 Parliament and administrative agencies : a study paper / 1
KE5019 .L47 1980 Council on administration / 1