Call Number (LC) Title Results
KE4381 .C16 1982 The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms : commentary / 1
KE4381 .C16 .H8 Canadian human rights yearbook = Annuaire canadien des droits de la personne 1
KE4381 .M31 1983 Rights, freedoms and the courts : a practical analysis of the Constitution Act, 1982 / 1
KE4381 .P88 1979 The Practice of freedom : Canadian essays on human rights and fundamental freedoms / 1
KE4381 .S66 1975 Some civil liberties issues of the seventies / 1
KE4381 .T17 1982 Discrimination and the law in Canada / 1
KE4381.5 .B34 1985 Equality rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms / 1
KE4381.5 .G35 1986 The law of the Charter : general principles / 1
KE4381.5.Z8 C16 1984 La Charte canadienne des droits et libertʹes : ses débuts, ses problèmes, son avenir / 1
KE4399 .C36 1993 Touchstones for change : equality, diversity and accountability : report / 1
KE4399 .L38 2000 Law as a gendering practice / 1
KE4399 .W84 1981 Women and the constitution in Canada / 1
KE4422 .M70 1984 Using the Access to Information Act : how to cut through government bureaucracy / 1
KE4422 .P94 1984 Privacy law and the media in Canada / 1
KE4454.A32 M34 1985 The annotated Immigration Act of Canada / 1
KE4456 .Ob7L41 1982 Report on obtaining reasons before applying for judicial scrutiny--Immigration Appeal Board = Rapport sur l'obtention de motifs avant la formation d'un recours judiciare--Commission d'Appel de l'Immigration 1
KE4486 .A44 .K55 1971 They can't go home again; the story of America's political refugees 1
KE4526 .B69 1982 Lawmaking by the people : referendums and plebiscites in Canada / 1
KE4535 .B66 1892 Parliamentary procedure and practice; with a review of the origin, growth and operation of parliamentary institution in the Dominion of Canada, and an appendix, containing the British North America act of 1867 and amending acts. 1
KE4535 .B66 1894 A Canadian manual on the procedure at meetings of municipal councils, shareholders and directors of companies, synods, conventions, societies and public bodies generally : with an introductory review of the rules and usages of Parliament that govern public assemblies in Canada / 1