Call Number (LC) Title Results
KEO236 .H91 1894 Real property statutes of Ontario: being a selection of acts of practical utility 1
KEO236 .L35 1869 The real property statutes of Ontario : with remarks and cases / 1
KEO273 .Ar55 1894 A treatise on the investigation of titles to real estate in Ontario; with a precedent for an abstract. 1
KEO274 .J71 1884 The "Torrens system" of transfer of land. A practical treatise on the "Land titles act of 1885," Ontario, and "The Real property act of 1885," Manitoba. Embracing the latest decisions both in England, Australia and Canada; together with a brief history of the origin and principles of the system; the forms, methods of administration, and copious index. 1
KEO289 .M14 1981 Macdonell, Sheard and Hull on probate practice 1
KEO430 .B65 1984 Regulation by municipal licensing / 1
KEO629 .B44 1987 The Annotated employment law statutes of Ontario / 1
KEO706 .A31H25 1983 The child welfare act annotated / 1
KEO770 .M22 1894 The school law of Ontario: comprising the Education department act, 1891; the Public schools act, 1891; the Act respecting truancy and compulsory school attendance; the High schools act, 1891, and the amending acts of 1892 and 1893; with notes of cases bearing thereon, the regulations of the Education department, forms, etc. 1
KEO771 .C24 1962 Judicial decisions on denominational schools 1
KEO820.A2 .R7 1968 Royal commission inquiry into civil rights 1
KEO850 .W7L41 1981 Report on witnesses before legislative committees / 1
KEO1054 .H73 1915 The Judicature act of Ontario (being R.S.O., 1914, chapter 56) and the Consolidated rules of practice and procedure of the Supreme Court of Ontario of 1913, with practical notes (founded on Holmested and Langton's former editions of the Judicature acts and rules) 1
KEO1057.A31 Ob6 1879 The Division Court Act, rules and forms; with all other enactments affecting proceedings in Division Courts, numerous practical and explanatory notes, many new and useful forms, a table of Division Court limits, a chapter on prohibition, mandamus and certiorari, and a very complete index 1
KEO1057.A31 Ob6 1880 The Division Courts Act of 1880 : with numerous practical and explanatory notes, together with appropriate forms : also, a reprint of all the decisions in the Ontario courts affecting division court law or the duties of officers since the publication of "O'Brien's division court manual, 1879" : a table of division court officers, corrected to date : the rules of November 1879 and new tariff of fees, and a full index / 1
KEO1057 .B47 1893 The Division Courts Act and amendments thereto, comprising R.S.O. (1887), Cap. 51; 51 Vict., Cap. 10; 52 Vict., Cap. 12; and 55 Vict., Cap. 11; together with the general rules and forms (1893). Fully annotated, with additional forms of proceedings applicable to division courts. Founded on and being a complete consolidation of the works of J.S. Sinclair, Esq., on Division Court Law. 1
KEO1099 .M23 1865 The magistrates' manual: being a compilation of the law relating to the duties of justices of the peace in Upper Canada; with a complete set of forms and a copious index. 1
KEO1111 .C49 1984 New Rules of Civil Procedure 1
KEO1113.9 .O5 Ontario Supreme and District Court practice / 1
KEO1119 .M22 1884 The Ontario judicature act, 1881, rules of the court and forms : with the orders of the Court of Appeal, and other acts, orders, and rules relating to the practice in the Supreme Court of Judicature : with practical notes / 1