Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1165 .H58 1876 The insurance statutes of the United States and Canada / 1
KF1165 .N21 National index, insurance laws 1
KF1165 .N5 Model laws, regulations, and guidelines 1
KF1166 .Am31 Merger of insurance companies; a handbook for attorneys and others interested in the legal and practical problems involved in statutory or non-statutory amalgamation of insurers, whether stock companies, mutual companies or reciprocal insurance exchanges, 1
KF1166 .I5 1990 Insurance company takeovers : issues and strategies : drawn from papers presented at TIPS Annual Meeting, August 1989, Honolulu, Hawaii 1
KF1167 .B47 Best's insurance reports, property-casualty 1
KF1167 .G84 2017 Fundamentals of insurance regulation : the rules and the rationale / 1
KF1167 .I57 Insurance activities of banks. 1
KF1167 .P27 1927 The insurance commissioner in the United States; a study in administrative law and practice, 1
KF1167.Z9 I57 1991 Insurance agent and broker liability : current litigation and emerging case law 1
KF1169.M9 B16 Biography of an idea; the story of mutual fire and casualty insurance 1
KF1173 .B48 1874 Reports of the life and accident insurance cases : determined in the courts of America, England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada / 1
KF1173.2 .L62 Life cases (including health and accident) 1
KF1175.A2 A88 2000 An attorney's guide to understanding and using life insurance 1
KF1175.A2 A88 2003 An attorney's guide to understanding & using life insurance 1
KF1175.A2 A88 2004 An attorney's guide to understanding & using life insurance 1
KF1175.A2 S75 2003 Split dollar life insurance in the 21st century : using split dollar arrangements under the new IRS rules 1
KF1175 .A38 .H76 1956 Aetna Life Insurance Company: its first hundred years, a history 1
KF1175 .B61 1872 The law of life insurance, with chapters upon accident and guarantee insurance. 1
KF1175 .B61 1874 The law of life insurance with a chapter on accident insurance. 1