Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1257 .A5Ad96 1966 Liability: trial demonstrations and lectures. 1
KF1257 .A5W83 Personal injury liability, 1
KF1257 .B56 1900 Law and practice in accident cases... 1
KF1257 .B96 1893 The civil liability for personal injuries arising out of negligence. 1
KF1257 .C43 2010 The measure of injury : race, gender, and tort law / 1
KF1257.C65 1987 Compensation and liability for product and process injuries : ... progress report / 1
KF1257 .C65 1991 Enterprise responsibility for personal injury / 1
KF1257 .G53 2006 How to build and manage a personal injury practice / 1
KF1257 .In7 1957 Recovery of interest as damages in personal injury cases 1
KF1257 .J35 2006 Injury : the politics of product design and safety law in the United States / 1
KF1257 .N84 1984 Toxic torts : litigation of hazardous substance cases / 1
KF1257 .S3 1935 Preparation manual for accident cases, 1
KF1257 .S93 1989 Doing away with personal injury law : new compensation mechanisms for victims, consumers, and business / 1
KF1257 .Sch72 The medico-legal aspects of back-injury cases 1
KF1257.Z95 .D65 Dollar verdicts : 1
KF1260 .D56 Digest of insurance cases, embracing the decisions of the Supreme and circuit courts of the United States, for the Supreme and Appellate courts of the various states and foreign countries, upon disputed points in fire, marine, accident and assessment insurance, and affecting fraternal benefit orders. Reference to annotated insurance cases in editorials in law journals on insurance cases. For the year ending ... 1
KF1260 .S75 1972 Wrongful killing of the insured by the beneficiary, a fifty-state survey : paper presented as part of a panel to the Association of Life Insurance Counsel, Monday, December 13, 1971, at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York, New HYork / 1
KF1260 .T5 1913 Death by wrongful act; a treatise on the law peculiar to actions for injuries resulting in death, including the text of the statutes and an analytical table of their provisions 1
KF1261 .R67 1998 The privacy law sourcebook : United States law, international law, and recent developments / 1
KF1262 .A1H24 The problem of privacy in the computer age: an annotated bibliography 1