Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1309.5.A3 .S26 2013 The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act deskbook / 1
KF1309.5 .D38 2008 Justice across borders : the struggle for human rights in U.S. courts / 1
KF1309.5 .H46 2009 Human rights and the alien tort statute : law, history, and analysis / 1
KF1310 .C76 1981 Educational tort liability and malpractice / 1
KF1310 .L63 1995 Educational malpractice : a pathfinder / 1
KF1311 .B46 1983 Criminal and civil liability in child welfare work : the growing trend / 1
KF1314 .B16 1912 A treatise on the law of personal injuries, including employer's liability, master and servant and the workmen's compensation act, 1
KF1314 .M73 1910 A treatise on the law of independent contractors and employers' liability, including formation of the relation, employers' general and exceptional liability, interliability of employers and contractors and their subordinates, 1
KF1315 .P3B15 1897 The law of personal injuries relating to master and servant, 1
KF1316 .B15 1894 The law of the master's liability for injuries to servant, 1
KF1316 .B59 Liability and compensation insurance; industrial accidents and their prevention, employers' liability, workmen's compensation, insurance of employers' liability and workmen's compensation, 1
KF1316 .B73 1988 Negligent hiring practice manual / 1
KF1316 .C15 1911 Industrial accidents and their compensation, 1
KF1316 .D44 1916 Hysteria and accident compensation; nature of hysteria and the lesson of the post-litigation results, 1
KF1316 .I57 1996 Insurance coverage of employment disputes / 1
KF1319 .F4M21 1890 A treatise on the law of fellow-servants. Embracing a collection of statutes, English and American, changing or abrogating the common law rule, together with an appendix relating to employes' insurance societies. 1
KF1321 .F54 2012 A guide to the Federal Tort Claims Act / 1
KF1321 .F88 1983 Sword and shield : Section 1983 : civil rights violations: the liability of urban, state and local government / 1
KF1321 .G71 1967 Uncle Sam as a landlord under the Federal tort claims act, 1
KF1321 .R72 Catastrophic accidents in Government programs, 1