Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1419 .B36 1904 The law of foreign corporations and taxation of corporations both foreign and domestic. 1
KF1419 .B58 1993 The multinational challenge to corporation law : the search for a new corporate personality / 1
KF1419 .D54 1987 Foreign sales corporation : final IRS regulations and host government incentives / 1
KF1419 .H21 1917 Corporate interstate commerce business, being a treatise on the rights of corporations to extend their activities beyond the limits of the state where incorporated, without the necessity of complying with the foreign corporation laws of the several states. 1
KF1419 .H21h 1927 Corporations doing business in other states; state regulations and requirements regarding "foreign corporations," 1
KF1419 .H38 The position of foreign corporations in American constitutional law : a contribution to the history and theory of juristic persons in Anglo-American Law / 1
KF1419 .M91 Multinational corporation checklist for subsidiaries / 1
KF1419 .M94 1893 Law of foreign corporations. A discussion of the principles of private international law and of local statutory regulations applicable to transactions of foreign companies / 1
KF1420.A65 .P83 2009 Public company organizational documents : model forms and commentary / 1
KF1420 .D51 1920 Corporate promotions and reorganization, 1
KF1420 .Eh88 The law of promoters; a treatise on the law of promoters of private corporations, covering the rights and liabilities of promoters, and also the rights and liabilities of the corporation and the subscribers for and purchasers of its shares, the rights and liabilities of persons selling property to the corporation, and the rights and liabilities of all other persons as affected by the acts or omissions of the promoters. 1
KF1420 .R635 Organizing corporate and other business enterprises / 1
KF1420 .T69 2009 Virtual incorporation : a lawyer's guide to the formation of virtual corporations / 1
KF1420.Z95 B23 1989 How to incorporate your business in any state / 1
KF1422.A7 .C69 2013 Corporate compliance and ethics 1
KF1422.A75 An82 Managing the socially responsible corporation; the 1972-1973 Paul Garrett lectures. 1
KF1422.A75 C67 2003 Corporate governance : litigation issues, D&O indemnity and insurance 1
KF1422 .A75 .C67 2008 Corporate governance : the changing environment : course of study materials 1
KF1422 .B19 1984 Conflicting interests : corporate-governance controversies / 1
KF1422 .B32 2008 The new corporate governance in theory and practice / 1