Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF150 .B48 An index of the cases overruled, reversed, denied, doubted, modified, limited, explained, and distinguished, by the courts of America, England, and Ireland; from the earliest period to the present time, 1
KF152 .St29 State legislative report 1
KF152 .St30 1987 NCSL state legislative summary : liability insurance 1
KF153 .R26 The Register of Pennsylvania : devoted to the preservation of facts and documents, and every other kind of useful information respecting the State of Pennsylvania / 1
KF154 .Am35 1887 The American and English encyclopedia of law 1
KF154 .Am36 1962 Supp. American jurisprudence desk book; historical and legal documents, facts, tables, charts, and statistics of special interest to attorneys. 1
KF154 .A41 American jurisprudence : a comprehensive text statement of American case law as developed in the cases and annotations in the Annotated reports system, being a rewriting of Ruling case law to reflect the modern developments of the law / 1
KF154 .A42 American jurisprudence; a modern comprehensive text statement of American law, State and Federal 1
KF154 .C34 1912 Cyclopedia of law ... 1
KF154 .C55 Corpus juris : being a complete and systematic statement of the whole body of the law as embodied in and developed by all reported decisions / 1
KF154 .C56 Corpus juris secundum : a complete restatement of the entire American law as developed by all reported cases 1
KF154 .C62 1857 The political test-book, or encyclopedia. Containing everything necessary for the reference of the politicians and statesmen of the United States. 1
KF154 .C99 Cyclopedia of law and procedure 1
KF154 .C99 1918 1918 Cyc. annotations to Cyclopedia of law and procedure, 1-40 Cyc . Contains annotations from all cases decided since the issue of 1901-1913 permanent volume of annotations; also omitted cases, errata corrected, new principles announced, etc. 1
KF154 .C99 Index Index and concordance for use in connection with the Cyclopedia of law and procedure; 1
KF154 .C99 Suppl Cyc. annotations to Cyclopedia of law and procedure, 1-40 Cyc. Annotated with all cases decided since the original articles were written and with omitted cases; errata corrected; new principles announced; etc. 1
KF154 .M35 2004 Major acts of Congress / 1
KF154 .N21 1939 The National law library 1
KF154 .O96 2002 The Oxford companion to American law / 1
KF154 .R85 Ruling case law : as developed and established by the decisions and annotations contained in Lawyers reports annotated, American decisions, American reports, American state reports, American and English annotated cases, American annotated cases, English ruling cases, British ruling cases, United States Supreme Court reports, and other series of selected cases / 1