Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1644.5 .T64 A treatise on the anti-trust laws of the United States, and including all related trade regulatory laws 1
KF1645 .A57 Antitrust report 1
KF1645 .A574 1996 Antitrust laws and trade regulation / 1
KF1645 .A575 Antitrust laws and trade regulation. 1
KF1648 .C73 1952 The Federal antitrust laws, with summary of cases instituted by the United States, 1890-1951 1
KF1648 .K96 The Supreme Court and patents and monopolies / 1
KF1648 .M22 1933 Cases on the federal antitrust laws of the United States, 1
KF1648 .M221 1930 Cases on the federal anti-trust laws of the United States / 1
KF1648 .St392 Selected antitrust cases; landmark decisions in Federal antitrust 1
KF1648 .W14 Antitrust action and market structure / 1
KF1649 .A1H67 Antitrust law and techniques; a collection of landmark papers on the antitrust laws. 1
KF1649 .A2Am35 Proceedings at the spring meeting 1
KF1649 .A2An87 1982 Antitrust in the competitive world of the 1980's : exploring options / 1
KF1649 .A2An87 1983 Changing antitrust standards : judicial precedent, management responsibility, and the new economics : [proceedings of the] Antitrust Conference 1983 / 1
KF1649 .A2An87p 1970 Antitrust policy and economic welfare; lectures given at Western Michigan University under the sponsorship of the Department of Economics, winter semester, 1970. 1
KF1649 .A2An87t 1984 Antitrust policy in transition : the convergence of law and economics / 1
KF1649 .A2A415 1985 Antitrust and regulation : essays in memory of John J. McGowan / 1
KF1649.A2 .A55 2006 Antitrust - an important year in review 1
KF1649.A2 A55 2013 Antitrust law : beyond the basics 1
KF1649.A2 .B38 2009 Basics of antitrust law 1