Call Number (LC) Title Results
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KF1649 .B64 The antitrust paradox : a policy at war with itself / 1
KF1649 .B76 2012 U.S. antitrust law and enforcement : a practice introduction / 1
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KF1649 .B93 Antitrust dilemma: why Congress should modernize the antitrust laws, 1
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KF1649 .C47 2014 Antitrust simulations / 1
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KF1649 .C65 1992 Antitrust compliance manual : a guide for counsel and executives of businesses and professions / 1
KF1649 .C77 1909 The law of combinations, monopolies and labor unions / 1
KF1649 .D59 2007 Antitrust : questions, answers, law, and commentary / 1
KF1649 .D63 1970 Fair competition; the law and economics of antitrust policy 1
KF1649 .Ed24 1901 The law of combinations embracing monopolies, trusts, and combinations of labor and capital; conspiracy, and contracts in restraint of trade, together with federal and state antitrust legislation and the incorporation laws of New Jersey, West Virginia and Delaware, 1
KF1649 .Ed95 Maintaining competition; requisites of a governmental policy 1
KF1649 .E194 Monopolies and trusts; 1
KF1649 .E199 The antitrust penalties : a study in law and economics / 1