Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1650 .S73 2014 State antitrust practice and statutes (fifth) / 1
KF1652 .A57 1991 Antitrust evidence handbook / 1
KF1652 .A57 2002 Antitrust evidence handbook / 1
KF1652.A73 .Am35 2009 no.25 The Noerr-Pennington doctrine 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.1 Mergers and the private antitrust suit : the private enforcement of section 7 of the Clayton act : policy and law 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.3 Expediting pretrials and trials of antitrust cases / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.4 The Robinson-Patman Act--policy and law / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.5 The FTC as an antitrust enforcement agency role of section 5 of the FTC Act in antitrust / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.6 U.S. antitrust law in international patent and know-how licensing / 1
KF1652 .A73Am35 no.7 Merger standards under U.S. antitrust laws / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.8 Vertical restrictions upon buyers limiting purchases of goods from others / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.9 Refusals to deal and exclusive distributorships / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.10 Interlocking directorates under Section 8 of the Clayton Act / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.11 Contribution and claim reduction in antitrust litigation / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.12 Horizontal mergers : law and policy / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.14 Non-horizontal mergers : law and policy / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.15 Antitrust federalism : the role of state law / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.16 Private litigation under section 7 of the Clayton Act : law and policy / 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.17 Franchise protection : laws against termination and the establishment of additional franchises 1
KF1652.A73 Am35 no.18 Nonprice predation under Section 2 of the Sherman Act / 1