Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1890 .H53 .F74 1992 Law of high-technology innovation / 1
KF1890.H53 .U15 2009 Nanotechnology: environmental law, policy and business considerations / 1
KF1893.B56 .S87 2004 Madden v. LifeCord, Inc. : a biotechnology case in product liability, conversion, medical malpractice, negligence, wrongful death, breach of contract, breach of the duty of good faith, and misrepresentation / 1
KF1893.B56 Un4 1989 U.S. biotechnology : a legislative and regulatory roadmap 1
KF1900 .F95 1951 Food distribution in the United States : the struggle between independents and chains / 1
KF1903 .K291 1985 A Citizen's petition : the relationship between diet and health 1
KF1921 .M84 Milk distribution as a public utility, 1
KF1921.1 .Z9Ag83 Trade barriers in milk distribution. 1
KF1950.A15 C65 The Construction lawyer 1
KF1950.A75 R22 1988 Real estate development and construction financing, 1988 / 1
KF1950 .C658 2009 Construction law / 1
KF1950 .C85 Legal phases of engineering; contracts & specifications 1
KF1950 .D47 2010 The design-build deskbook : a blueprint for design-build procurement across the United States and Canada / 1
KF1950 .E75 1998 Environmental law considerations in construction projects / 1
KF1950 .S39 Contractor or manipulator? A guide to construction financing from beginning of construction to completion 1
KF1950.Z95 D47 2004 Design/build deskbook : the complete guide to design/build contracting, licensing, insurance, and procurement requirements in the 50 states and Canada / 1
KF1950.Z95 H45 1997 The design/build process : a guide to licensing and procurement requirements in the 50 states and Canada / 1
KF1962 .S74 1889 The Law relating to actions for malicious prosecution / 1
KF1975 .A1H26 Bibliography, cases and other materials for the teaching of multinational business 1
KF1975 .A1N31 International business research; past, present, & future 1