Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF1976 .L43 Legal aspects of international sourcing 1
KF1976 .L44 1963 A lawyer's guide to international business transactions. 1
KF1976 .L44 1977 A Lawyer's guide to international business transactions / 1
KF1976 .L62 The protection of foreign investment; six procedural studies 1
KF1976 .M29 Federal regulation of international business : an annotated source book of legislation, regulations, and treaties / 1
KF1976 .M31 1984 Manual for the practice of international trade law / 1
KF1976 .M35 1990 Economic sanctions and U.S. trade / 1
KF1976 .M56 Law of international trade: documents and readings 1
KF1976 .N82 1985 World trade and trade finance / 1
KF1976 .P27 Discrimination in international trade: the policy issues, 1945-1965 1
KF1976 .Se67 1985 Import practice : customs and international trade law / 1
KF1976 .Se67 1991 Import practice : customs and international trade law / 1
KF1976 .S77 2011 International business planning : law and taxation (United States) / 1
KF1976 .S98 1986 Law and trade issues of the Japanese economy : American and Japanese perspectives / 1
KF1976 .U565 1953 United States income taxation of private United States investment in Latin America; a description of the United States system and some of its implications 1
KF1976 .W69 United States commercial treaties and international law 1
KF1976 .Y68 2001 United States trade law and policy / 1
KF1976.Z9 .H68 2009 How the financial crisis has changed international business 1
KF1980.A32 M43 1924 The Trading with the enemy act, as enacted and amended, with annotations, 1
KF1980 .A9T67 1981 Trade is a two-way street / 1