Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF213 .M97 1956 Justice Musmanno dissents; the dissenting opinions of Justice Michael A. Musmanno, associate justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, filed during the period January, 1952 to September, 1955. 1
KF213 .P25 A series of essays on legal topics, 1
KF213 .P26 1836 Commentaries on American law / 1
KF213.P55 P71 1985 The Plimpton papers--law and diplomacy / 1
KF213 .St71 1924 Law and its administration / 1
KF213 .S32 2004 Scalia dissents : writings of the Supreme Court's wittiest, most outspoken justice / 1
KF213.S32 .R56 2016 Scalia's court : a legacy of landmark opinions and dissents / 1
KF213.S32 S32 2017 Scalia speaks : reflections on law, faith, and life well lived / 1
KF213.S66 Si12 1988 John Paul Stevens and the Constitution : the search for balance / 1
KF213 .S67 1961 A selection of the papers and addresses of David Stoffer 1
KF213.S7 St76 1835 The miscellaneous writings : literary, critical, juridical, and political of Joseph Story, now first collected 1
KF213.S7 St76 1852 The miscellaneous writings of Joseph Story / 1
KF213.T3 P3 1944 Curiosidades legales, aspectos de la vida judicial de los Estados Unidos, seis décadas de cambios y progreso, 1
KF213 .T33 1908 Legal essays 1
KF213 .V38 Sixty famous cases: 29 English cases--31 American cases, from 1778 to the present; trials selected and accounts narrated 1
KF213.W5 A6 1896 The works of James Wilson, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States ... being his public discourses upon jurisprudence and the political science, including lectures as professor of law, 1790-92, 1
KF213 .W67 Some modern tendencies in the law / 1
KF213 .W99 Whereas--a judge's premises; essays in judgment, ethics, and the law 1
KF213.Y68 .E17 2010 The Irving Younger collection : wisdom and wit from the master of trial advocacy / 1
KF215 .W93M61 1984 On courts and democracy : selected nonjudicial writings of J. Skelly Wright / 1