Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF213 .W67 Some modern tendencies in the law / 1
KF213 .W99 Whereas--a judge's premises; essays in judgment, ethics, and the law 1
KF213.Y68 .E17 2010 The Irving Younger collection : wisdom and wit from the master of trial advocacy / 1
KF215 .W93M61 1984 On courts and democracy : selected nonjudicial writings of J. Skelly Wright / 1
KF220 .A43 2016 Ten great American trials : lessons in advocacy / 1
KF220 .B7 1989 Trial by jury / 1
KF220 .B96 In and out of court, 1
KF220 .B96t 1957 They escaped the hangman : an account of the trials of the Caleb Powers case, the Rice-Patrick case, the Hall-Mills case [and] the Hans Haupt case / 1
KF220 .C61 1896 Extraordinary cases, 1
KF220 .D368 2004 America on trial : inside the legal battles that transformed our nation / 1
KF220 .D44 1982 The best defense / 1
KF220 .F37 2007 The trial in American life / 1
KF220 .F45 1970 Famous legal arguments 1
KF220 .F85 1971 Not guilty, 1
KF220 .F91 1828 Report of the trial of Friends in the city of Philadelphia, June, 1828, before the Honorable Edward King, president judge of the Court of common pleas, for the first judicial district of Pennsylvania; or, The case of Edmund Shotwell, Joseph Lukins, Charles Middleton, & two others, who had been, by the mayor of the city, committed to prison, whence they were brought up by habeas corpus, June 16th, 1828; 1
KF220 .G45 1998 Crimes of the century : from Leopold and Loeb to O.J. Simpson / 1
KF220 .H55 1982 Decisive battles of the law : narrative studies of eight legal contests affecting the history of the United States between the years of 1800 and 1886 / 1
KF220 .L44 American state trials; a collection of the important and interesting criminal trials which have taken place in the United States from the beginning of our government to the present day. 1
KF220 .M83 1952 Fair trial; fourteen who stood accused from Anne Hutchinson to Alger Hiss 1
KF220 .N49 My life in court 1