Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF2138 .M39 1985 Controlling the atom : the beginnings of nuclear regulation, 1946-1962 / 1
KF2138 .St28 1959 Atoms and the law / 1
KF2138 .St48 Seabrook and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission : the licensing of a nuclear power plant / 1
KF2138 .T59 1987 Nuclear power transformation / 1
KF2138 .W85 1983 Nuclear safety : risks and regulation / 1
KF2138.1 .M58 1961 The Atomic Energy Commission and regulating nuclear facilities, 1
KF2138.15 .B45 Federal and State responsibilities for radiation protection : the need for Federal legislation / 1
KF2138.65 .C69 1965 Are the "no recourse" provisions of the Price-Anderson act valid or unconstitutional? / 1
KF2140 .S65C42 1979 Solar law : a practitioner's handbook of legal issues related to the use of solar collectors / 1
KF2140 .S65So42 Solar energy legal bibliography : final report / 1
KF2140 .S65T36 1978 Overcoming legal uncertainties about use of solar energy systems / 1
KF2140 .W7G29 1977 Legal-institutional implications of wind energy conversion systems (WECS) 1
KF2165 .B39 Subsidies to transportation 1
KF2165.5 .C54 1919 Clark on interstate commerce; testimony given before the Senate committee on interstate commerce, 1
KF2174 .As78 Abstracts of Supreme Court decisions interpreting the Interstate Commerce act 1
KF2179 .A2T68 Papers and proceedings /
Papers and proceedings - Transportation Law Seminar
KF2179 .B26 Interstate transportation; a treatise on the federal regulation of interstate transportation and common carriers including jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission, 1
KF2179 .D39 1986 Law and economic regulation in transportation / 1
KF2179 .D83 A treatise on the Interstate commerce act, and digest of decisions construing the same, 1
KF2179 .D83 Suppl A treatise on the Interstate commerce act, and digest of decisions construing the same. Supplement / 1