Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF224.B83 .L66 2008 Three generations, no imbeciles : eugenics, the Supreme Court, and Buck v. Bell / 1
KF224.D37 K12 1970 Contempt; transcript of the contempt citations, sentences, and responses of the Chicago conspiracy 10. 1
KF224 .D38 1971 Chicago conspiracy contempt briefs 1
KF224 .D38Ep86 The great conspiracy trial; an essay on law, liberty, and the Constitution 1
KF224 .D45 2014 The wrong Carlos : anatomy of a wrongful execution / 1
KF224.F67 .C85 2006 Corporate crime under attack : the fight to criminalize business violence / 1
KF224.F69 M61 1988 Death by installments : the ordeal of Willie Francis / 1
KF224.F75 St87 Reckless homicide? : Ford's Pinto trial / 1
KF224.F76 .A3 2006 Journey toward justice / 1
KF224 .F77 1852 Report of the Forrest divorce case : containing the full and unabridged testimony of all the witnesses, the affidavits and depositions, together with the Consuelo and Forney letters 1
KF224 .F77 1860 The only complete report of the Burch divorce case : containing a comprehensive history of the case, the preliminary movements, the "confession" of Mrs. Burch, opening speeches of counsel, the deposition of parties implicated, and all the testimony in full, together with the letters offered in evidence but ruled out by the court / 1
KF224.F81 W85 Nothing but the truth, 1
KF224 .G19Ar54 1984 Privileged information / 1
KF224.G45 .R44 2004 Eat what you kill : the fall of a Wall Street lawyer / 1
KF224 .G63F54 1990 A crime of self-defense : Bernhard Goetz and the law on trial / 1
KF224.G75 .J64 2005 Griswold v. Connecticut : birth control and the constitutional right of privacy / 1
KF224.G76 .K56 2012 Devil in the grove : Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the dawn of a new America / 1
KF224 .H29W15 Kidnap; the story of the Lindbergh case 1
KF224.H43 G25 The killing of Bonnie Garland : a question of justice / 1
KF224.H468 .G37 2008 White but not equal : Mexican Americans, jury discrimination, and the Supreme Court / 1