Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF2289 .EL58 1921 A treatise on the law of railroads; containing a consideration of the organization, status and powers of railroad corporations, and of the rights and liabilities incident to the location, construction and operation of railroads; together with their duties, rights and liabilities as carriers, including both street and interurban railways, 1
KF2289 .H12 1906 Restrictive railway legislation 1
KF2289 .H12 1907 Railway corporations as public servants, 1
KF2289 .H25 1893 The railroads and the Commerce clause / 1
KF2289 .H89 1928 The story of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1827-1927, 1
KF2289 .J71 1925 Principles of railway transportation, 1
KF2289 .K83 Railroads and regulation, 1877-1916 1
KF2289 .M11 The economic effects of regulation; the trunk-line railroad cartels and the Interstate Commerce Commission before 1900 1
KF2289 .M36 1971 Enterprise denied; origins of the decline of American railroads, 1897-1917 1
KF2289 .N44 1902 The law of street surface railroads; as compiled from statutes and decisions in the various states and territories showing the manner of organizing corporations to construct and operate street surface railroads, the acquisition of their franchises and property, their regulation, etc., by statute and municipal ordinance, their rights and liabilities both as to other users of the streets and highways and as to passengers and employees. 1
KF2289 .N44 1904 Street railroad accident law; a complete treatise on the principles and rules of law applied by the courts of the states and territories of the United States and Canada in determining the liability of street railroads, for injuries to the person and property, by accidents to passengers, employees and travelers on the public streets and highways, and on the pleading and practice in the various jurisdictions in street railroad accident litigation 1
KF2289 .N44 1911 The law of street railroads; a complete treatise on the law relating to the organization of street railroads, the acquisition of their franchises and property, their regulation by statute and ordinance, their operation and liability for injuries to the person and property of passengers, employees and travelers, and others on the public streets and highways, including also pleading and practice, 1
KF2289 .P35 1908 Digest of decisions of the courts and Interstate Commerce Commission under the act to regulate commerce from 1887 to 1908. With copy of Act to regulate commerce as amended to date, the original act and amendments, the Elkins act, the Expedition act, the Act in relation to testimony 1
KF2289 .P61 1881 A treatise on the law of railroads. 1
KF2289 .P62 1857 A treatise on American railroad law / 1
KF2289 .R13 1977 Railroad revitalization and regulatory reform / 1
KF2289 .SH23 Railway regulation; an analysis of the underlying problems in railway economics from the standpoint of government regulations 1
KF2289 .Sh82 The railroad monopoly; an instrument of banker control of the American economy 1
KF2289 .S6 1906 The Interstate commerce act and federal anti-trust laws : including the Sherman act; the act creating the Bureau of corporations; the Elkins act; the act to expedite suits in the federal courts; acts relating to telegraph, military and post roads; safety appliance law affecting equipment of cars used in interstate commerce, with all amendments / 1
KF2289 .S76 1897 Acts and joint resolutions of Congress and decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States relating to the Union Pacific, Central Pacific, and Western Pacific railroads 1