Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF272 .S71 1959 Legal education and public responsibility; report and analysis of the Conference on the Education of Lawyers for Their Public Responsibilities, 1956, the University of Colorado, Boulder 1
KF272 .S72 1992 Statement of fundamental lawyering skills and professional values / 1
KF272 .S88 2007 Best practices for legal education : a vision and a road map / 1
KF272 .T353 2012 Failing law schools / 1
KF272 .T43 2014 Teaching legal history : comparative perspectives / 1
KF272 .T436 2011 Techniques for teaching law 2 / 1
KF272 .T47 2021 Assessment of teaching and learning : a comprehensive guidebook for law schools / 1
KF272 .T49 Part-time legal education; a study of the problems of evening law schools. 1
KF272 .T66 2003 1000 days to the bar, but the practice of law begins now / 1
KF272 .T66 2010 1000 days to the bar, but the practice of law begins now / 1
KF272 .V28 Studying law; selections from the writings of Albert J. Beveridge, John Maxcy Zane, Munroe Smith [and others] ... 1
KF272 .V36 1990 The goals and missions of law schools / 1
KF272 .W3 1876 Lectures on the study and practice of the law, delivered in the Law School of Harvard University, 1
KF272 .W38 2006 The shame of American legal education / 1
KF272 .W47 2014 Teaching law : justice, politics, and the demands of professionalism / 1
KF272 .W6 1898 Introduction to the study of law, 1
KF272 .W7 1811 Advice on the study of law, with directions for the choice of books, and additional notes for the American student 1
KF272 .Ze4 The making of a public profession / 1
KF272 .Z454 2008 How I teach / 1
KF273 .A32 1952 Standards of the American Bar Association for Legal education : factors bearing on the approval of law schools by the American Bar Association 1