Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF292 .C6884 .R44 2007 Reflections of a lawyer's soul : the institutional experience of professionalism at Thomas M. Cooley Law School / 1
KF292.C72 P28 Legal institutions today and tomorrow; the Centennial Conference volume of the Columbia Law School. 1
KF292 .C864 .L36 1997 From maverick to mainstream : Cumberland School of Law, 1847-1997 / 1
KF292.D47 S25 1993 The first hundred years are the hardest : a centennial history of the Detroit College of Law / 1
KF292 .D56L36 1983 The Dickinson School of Law : proud and independent / 1
KF292 .H26A2 Annual examinations in law 1
KF292.H26 A83 1953 Quinquennial catalogue of the Law School of Harvard University 1
KF292.H26 H4 1917 The Harvard Law School, 1817-1917 1
KF292.H26 H4 1918 The centennial history of the Harvard law school, 1817-1917 1
KF292.H26 Se48 The high citadel : the influence of Harvard Law School / 1
KF292 .H26W25 1970 History of the Harvard Law School and of early legal conditions in America 1
KF292.H325 .B35 1994 Confronting authority : reflections of an ardent protester / 1
KF292 .H328G73 1992 Making elite lawyers : visions of law at Harvard and beyond / 1
KF292.H34 K47 1994 Poisoned Ivy : how egos, ideology, and power politics almost ruined Harvard Law School / 1
KF292 .H68 .C73 2014 Law review : the first fifty years of Hous. L. Rev. / 1
KF292.H68 .M59 2012 Autobiography of a law school : stories, memories and interpretations of my sixty years at the University of Houston Law Center / 1
KF292 .K12 1986 Legal realism at Yale, 1927-1960 / 1
KF292.L514 M38 1986 Tapping Reeve and the Litchfield Law School / 1
KF292.M373 A7 1995 Massachusetts School of Law at Andover, Inc., Plaintiff, v. American bar Association, et al., defendants : plaintiff's response to defendant American Bar Association's motion for summary judgment / 1
KF292 .M58 1934 A book of the law quadrangle at the University of Michigan / 1