Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF298 .C83 1966 Suppl The Lawyer in modern society [by] Vern Countryman and Ted Finman : 1971 supplement / 1
KF298 .D5 Directory, state and local lawyer assistance programs 1
KF298 .G13 1983 Reading the landscape of disputes : what we know and don't know (and think we know) about our allegedly contentious and litigious society / 1
KF298 .G43 The relevant lawyers; conversations out of court on their clients, their practice, their politics, their life style. 1
KF298 .G76 2006 Judge for yourself : clarity, choice and action in your legal career / 1
KF298 .G82 The other government : the unseen power of Washington lawyers / 1
KF298 .G82 1978 The other government : the unseen power of Washington lawyers / 1
KF298 .G85 1995 Do it yourself public relations : a success guide for lawyers / 1
KF298 .J23 The people's lawyers, 1
KF298 .J39 2007 The lawyer in society / 1
KF298 .K38 1999 The lawyer's guide to balancing life and work : taking the stress out of success / 1
KF298 .K73 2014 The legal profession : what is wrong and how to fix it / 1
KF298 .L39 1985 The lawyer statistical report : a statistical profile of the U.S. legal profession in the 1980s / 1
KF298 .L399 2000 Lawyers and reporters : understanding and working with the media / 1
KF298 .L44 1984 The lawyer's professional independence : present threats, future challenges / 1
KF298 .L58 2006 The destruction of young lawyers : beyond one L / 1
KF298 .M35 2014 Coaching for attorneys : improving productivity and achieving balance / 1
KF298 .N6 1994 "No comment" can be a comment or how to handle reporters (gently!) : a lawyer's guide to the press 1
KF298 .P28 Passport to legal understanding : the newsletter on public education programs and materials 1
KF298 .P37 2022 How to be a badass lawyer : the unexpected & simple guide to less stress and greater personal development through mindfulness and compassion / 1