Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF320 .S2C94 1983 Statistical concepts for attorneys : a reference guide / 1
KF320 .S49L38 1992 Lawyers and balanced lives : A guide to drafting and implementing sexual harassment policies for lawyers 1
KF320 .T6Sk3 1982 Skills for bilingual legal personnel : translating, interpreting, and cultural fluency = Técnicas para el personal bilingüe en el área legal : traducción, interpretación y penetración cultural / 1
KF320.V64 B82 1991 Voice messaging systems : an overview for law offices / 1
KF320.W56 P46 1995 Microsoft Word for Windows in one hour for lawyers / 1
KF322 .S84 2013 Adobe acrobat in one hour for lawyers / 1
KF322.5.M52 P6 2001 PowerPoint for lawyers 1
KF322.5.M52 .P6 2006 PowerPoint for lawyers 1
KF322.5.M53 U54 2014 PowerPoint in one hour for lawyers / 1
KF322.5.M53 .W67 2009 Word 2007 for attorneys 1
KF323.A58 D72 1942 Index to state bar association reports and proceedings, 1
KF323 .B23 1979 The Bar foundation : recognizing a professional and public responsibility / 1
KF323 .P86 1953 The lawyer from antiquity to modern times : with particular reference to the development of bar associations in the United States / 1
KF323 .P96 1963 Public service programs of Bar Associations on television and radio : A summary of the transcript of the third annual National Institute on Bar Public Relations, Chicago, Conrad Hilton Hotel, August 9, 1963. 1
KF323 .W73 Bar association organization and activities; a handbook for bar association officers. 1
KF323.Z9 M3 1996 Manual of legislative techniques / 1
KF325.Am35 C77 1971 Report of the American Bar Association Committee on Constitution and By-laws 1
KF325 .A2 Report of the ... annual meeting of the American Bar Association
Annual report of the American Bar Association, including proceedings of the ... annual meeting
Call for a conference, proceedings of conference, meeting of the association, officers, members, etc. /
KF325 .A3C81 Policy and procedures handbook 1
KF325.A3 H74 1961 The Presidents speak : annual addresses of the presidents of the American Bar Association, 1910-1961 / 1