Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3319 .W6 1949 Labor relations and Federal law; an analysis and evaluation of Federal labor policy since 1947 1
KF3319.3 .Am35 Labor law for the general practitioner 1
KF3319.3 .C73 Guidebook to labor relations 1
KF3319.3 .E5 Employment powerlink : an electronic system for employment professionals 1
KF3319.3 .G65 1979 Labor law / 1
KF3319.6 .An26 Labor problems and labor legislation, 1
KF3319.6 .F53 2006 The American Bar Association guide to workplace law 1
KF3319.6 .L41 1987 Law in the workplace 1
KF3319.85 .P65 2018 Employee handbooks : Achilles heel or Hector's armor / 1
KF3319.85 .U23 2017 Uber and Lyft : where are we going? 1
KF3320 .Ad194 Labor problems; a text book, 1
KF3320 .In2 Public sector labor legislation in the Midwest : a practitioner's guide 1
KF3321 .A38 1960 Taylorism at Watertown Arsenal; scientific management in action, 1908-1915 1
KF3321 .C66 An American labor policy, 1
KF3321 .D26 Labor problems in American industry ... 1
KF3321 .F29 1921 Labor in politics; or, Class versus country; considerations for American voters, 1
KF3321 .Is2 1947 Industrial peace and the Wagner act ; how the act works and what to do about it, 1
KF3321 .Sh61 Automation and industrial relations 1
KF3325 .An26 Administrative labor legislation; a study of American experience in the delegation of legislative power, 1
KF3325 .N46 1953 The law of labor relations 1