Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF334.P51 P2C 1956 Charter and by-laws of the Philadelphia Bar Association : as amended to December 4, 1956 1
KF334.P51 P2C 1963 Charter and by-laws 1
KF334 .P53B54 Proceeding of the meeting of the Philadelphia Bar called to take action upon the death of George Tucker Bispham 1
KF334 .P53D2 1904 In memoriam : Richard C. Dale 1
KF334 .P53P4 1854 In the matter of the application of the Philadelphia Society for the Employment and Instruction of the Poor : to the judges of the Supreme Court to approve the amendments to its charter 1
KF334 .P53R2 1889 Report of proceedings at the meeting of the Philadelphia Bar, held April 27th, 1889, upon the occasion of the death of William Henry Rawle, M.A., LL. D 1
KF334 .P53S8 1918 William H. Staake : 1868, 1918 1
KF334 .P54D36 Report of the directors 1
KF334 .W67 1855 The members of the Philadelphia Bar; a complete catalog from July, 1776 to July, 1855. 1
KF336 .Am35 Legal aid handbook : how to organize and operate a legal aid office / 1
KF336 .A152 .T54 2008 The 2008 Citizen Lawyer Conference. / 1
KF336.A2 B72 A tentative bibliography of material on legal aid work / 1
KF336.A2 R31 1975 A bibliography of resource materials on group and prepaid legal services / 1
KF336.A3 Am35c 1981 Compilation of information regarding public education programs and resources 1
KF336.A3 Am35L 1979 Legal services for the elderly : where the nation stands / 1
KF336.A3 Am35L 1988 Legal services for the elderly : where the nation stands : a role for the private bar / 1
KF336.A3 Am35r 1981 Reduced fee lawyer referral for the elderly / 1
KF336.A3 Am35t 1981 The Law and aging resource guide / 1
KF336.A3 AM36 1969 The Legal problems of the rural poor, by the staff of the Duke law journal 1
KF336.A3 AM36 1971 The legal needs of the poor: a critical analysis 1