Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF336 .A432 1991 Civil justice : an agenda for the 1990s : report of the American Bar Association National Conference on Access to Justice in the 1990s, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 9-11, 1989 / 1
KF336 .A7 .L43 Annual report of the Legal Services Corporation 1
KF336.A7 L52 Delivery systems study : a research project on the delivery of legal services to the poor : a report to the President and the Congress of the United States as required by the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974, Section 1007(g) / 1
KF336.A7 N19 1969 Report of proceedings of the National Defender Conference... / 1
KF336.A7 N21 Legal aid records and standards; a collection of committee reports and deliberations of the National Association of Legal Aid Organizations gathered from the stenographic record of the conferences 1
KF336 .A7165 1996 Standards for programs providing civil pro bono legal services to persons of limited means / 1
KF336 .A7165 2014 Standards for programs providing civil pro bono legal services to people of limited means / 1
KF336.A75 L44 1975 A Lawyer at a price people can afford : Equal Justice under Law Conference, John Jay Homestead, Katonah, N.Y., October 17, 1974 / 1
KF336.A8 T96 1989 Two nationwide surveys : 1989 pilot assessments of the unmet legal needs of the poor and of the public generally / 1
KF336 .A83 1996 Agenda for access : the American people and civil justice : final report on the implications of the comprehensive legal needs study / 1
KF336 .A842 2006 Standards for the provision of civil legal aid / 1
KF336 .B38 2015 Women and justice for the poor : a history of legal aid, 1863-1945 / 1
KF336 .B55 1997 Blueprint for constructing a pro bono project in a mid-size law firm 1
KF336 .B56 2002 The homeless court program : taking the court to the streets / 1
KF336 .B72ℓ 1935 Legal aid bureaus, their organization and administration; 1
KF336 .B72c 1946 Clinical preparation for law practice : a manual for students / 1
KF336 .B72d 1954 The Duke University Legal Aid Clinic handbook 1
KF336 .B73 Judicare : public funds, private lawyers, and poor people / 1
KF336 .B76 1976 The role of research in the delivery of legal services : working papers and conference proceedings / 1
KF336 .B81 Legal aid in the United States : a study of the availability of lawyers' services for persons unable to pay fees / 1