Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3389 .C19 The history and problems of organized labor, 1
KF3389 .F95 1982 Union organizing : management and labor conflict / 1
KF3389 .G48 2016 The Supreme Court on unions : why labor law is failing American workers / 1
KF3389 .G56 The dynamics of industrial democracy, 1
KF3389 .G67 1976 Basic text on labor law, unionization, and collective bargaining / 1
KF3389 .G67 2004 Basic text on labor law : unionization, and collective bargaining / 1
KF3389 .G89 1922 An introduction to the study of organized labor in America, 1
KF3389 .H53 Voluntarism in organized labor in the United States, 1930-1940, 1
KF3389 .J62 1937 Industrial versus craft unionism, 1
KF3389 .K24 1976 NLRB and judicial control of union discipline / 1
KF3389 .L56 1919 The labor market / 1
KF3389 .M36 1910 A treatise on the law of labor unions, containing a consideration of the law relating to trade disputes in all its phases, internal administration of unions, union labels, and a collection of approved forms of pleadings, injunctions and restraining orders, 1
KF3389 .P44 1944 Handbook of labor unions / 1
KF3389 .P45 1957 The labor policy of the free society 1
KF3389 .P68 1959 Labor unions and the concept of public service 1
KF3389 .Sh82 America's forgotten labor organization; a survey of the role of the single-firm independent union in American industry 1
KF3389 .T6 1985 The state and the unions : labor relations, law, and the organized labor movement in America, 1880-1960 / 1
KF3389 .U15 1955 The rise of the national trade union; the development and significance of its structure, governing institutions, and economic policies 1
KF3389 .W67 1982 NLRB regulation of union bargaining rights when affiliation changes / 1
KF3390 .B72 Constitutional limits to union power / 1