Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3400 .B79 When labor organizes, 1
KF3400 .J62 1940 Trade unions and the anti-trust laws, 1
KF3400 .M11 Power and politics in labor legislation 1
KF3400 .R81 The administrative process 1
KF3400 .Sm68 Spotlight on labor unions, by William J. Smith .. 1
KF3400 .S3 1971 Organizing and the law, 1
KF3400 .S3 1983 Organizing and the law / 1
KF3400 .S3 1991 Organizing and the law / 1
KF3402 .B63 Union monopolies and antitrust restraints 1
KF3404 .G33 Union representation elections : law and reality / 1
KF3408 .Am37 Understanding collective bargaining; the executive's guide. 1
KF3408 .A17C76 1938 Proceedings of the .. Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations 1
KF3408 .A3K36 Collective bargaining clauses; guideline forms for use in labor negotiations, 1
KF3408 .A4P96 Portrait of a process--collective negotiations in public employment / 1
KF3408.A4 P96 1985 The Evolving process--collective negotiations in public employment / 1
KF3408 .A5C68 Collective bargaining today; proceedings 1
KF3408 .A5C76 1959 Proceedings. 1
KF3408 .A5Sh68 Public policy and collective bargaining / 1
KF3408 .A5Su64 1959 Collective bargaining and the law / 1
KF3408 .A5S158 Symposium on labor relations law 1