Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3408 .L10 1983 Labor arbitrator development : a handbook / 1
KF3408 .L11 1982 Labor relations in an economic recession : job losses and concession bargaining / 1
KF3408 .L62 The collective labor agreement; how to negotiate and draft the contract, 1
KF3408 .L92 1984 Negotiating a labor contract : a management handbook / 1
KF3408 .M33 Drafting a union contract. 1
KF3408 .P85 1984 Freedom of association, the right to organize and collective bargaining : the impact on U.S. law and practice of ratification of ILO conventions no. 87 & 98 / 1
KF3408 .P88 1983 Arbitration and collective bargaining : conflict resolution in labor relations / 1
KF3408 .R15 1966 Collective bargaining; principles and practices 1
KF3408 .R73 The Government as a source of union power; the role of public policy in collective bargaining 1
KF3408 .St72 Labor-management contracts at work; 1
KF3408 .S76 1964 Managerial freedom and job security 1
KF3408 .T23 Management functions under collective bargaining; the rights and responsibilities of management in a union relationship, 1
KF3408 .T35 1971 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T35 1991 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T35 1996 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T91 How collective bargaining works : a survey of experience in leading American industries / 1
KF3408 .W17 A behavioral theory of labor negotiations; an analysis of a social interaction system 1
KF3408 .W46 Labor and the legal process, 1
KF3408 .W67 1985 NLRB regulation of election conduct / 1
KF3408 .Z3 1983 Labor agreement in negotiation and arbitration / 1