Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3408 .T35 1971 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T35 1991 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T35 1996 Labor relations law / 1
KF3408 .T91 How collective bargaining works : a survey of experience in leading American industries / 1
KF3408 .W17 A behavioral theory of labor negotiations; an analysis of a social interaction system 1
KF3408 .W46 Labor and the legal process, 1
KF3408 .W67 1985 NLRB regulation of election conduct / 1
KF3408 .Z3 1983 Labor agreement in negotiation and arbitration / 1
KF3408 .Z3 1995 Labor agreement in negotiation and arbitration / 1
KF3408.Z9 B38 1971 Basic patterns in union contracts 1
KF3408 .Z9B89 1941 Collective bargaining contracts; techniques of negotiation and administration with topical classification of clauses 1
KF3409 .A153 1973 Collective bargaining in higher education, 1971-1973. 1
KF3409 .A3M85 Labor relations in the performing arts; an introductory survey 1
KF3409.C56 .F87 2013 The little book of fashion law / 1
KF3409.H7A1 R74 A bibliography of collective bargaining in hospitals and related facilities, 1969-1971 1
KF3409 .I7C59 1966 Organizing the insurance worker; a history of labor unions of insurance employees, 1
KF3409 .M9N21 Labor unions and municipal employe law / 1
KF3409 .M9W16 Sorry ... no government today: unions vs. city hall; an anthology 1
KF3409 .N73J45 1950 Heritage of conflict; labor relations in the nonferrous metals industry up to 1930 1
KF3409 .P77 .A44 Municipal labor problems. 1