Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3615.Z9 J37 1997 Workers' compensation Law / by Margaret C. Jasper 1
KF3615.Z95 W67 1982 Workers' compensations and employers' liability insurance plans and pools : handbook 1
KF3616 .D24 1980 The law and economics of workers' compensation : policy issues and research needs : executive summary / 1
KF3616 .M23 1961 Heart disease and the law; the legal basis for awards in cardiac cases; 1
KF3622 .B96 1984 Recent developments in asbestos litigation / 1
KF3629 .D68 The liability of railroads to interstate employees; a study of certain aspects of federal regulation of the remedy for death or injury to employees in the service of interstate railroads, 1
KF3634 .A63 1979 Federal Social Security / 1
KF3634 .R31 1984 Retirement benefits and divorce 1
KF3634 .W72 1984 Continuing care retirement communities : an empirical, financial, and legal analysis / 1
KF3641 .L62 1985 Artful work : the politics of social security reform / 1
KF3641 .S13 1985 Social security : prospects for real reform / 1
KF3642.5 .P36 1966 "Having the power, we have the duty"; report to the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1
KF3643.99 .U54 2008 Federal social security laws 1
KF3644 .A15W78 The development of the Social Security Act. A memorandum on the history of the Committee on Economic Security and drafting and legislative history of the Social Security Act 1
KF3644.581935 .A2 2011 The Social Security Act sourcebook 1
KF3646.3 .W52 West's social security reporting service : social security cases .. 1
KF3646.3 .W52 guide 1992 A guide to using West's social security reporting service, revised 1
KF3646.5 .So13 Social security coordinator / 1
KF3646.5 .So13a 1984- Social security alert 1
KF3646.5 .S63 1987 Social security law and practice / 1