Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF380 .D18 1988 How to understand the law / 1
KF380 .D29 The basic values in law; a study of the ethico-legal implications of psychology and anthropology 1
KF380 .D353 1996 Introduction to law and legal thinking / 1
KF380 .D43 1985 Distributive justice : a social-psychological perspective / 1
KF380 .D66 2003 A personalist jurisprudence, the next step : a person-centered philosophy of law for the twenty-first century / 1
KF380 .D84 1995 Patterns of American jurisprudence / 1
KF380 .D97 1985 A matter of principle / 1
KF380 .E67 1998 Principles for a free society : reconciling individual liberty with the common good / 1
KF380 .F56 1995 Commonsense justice : jurors' notions of the law / 1
KF380 .F59 2005 American law in a global context : the basics / 1
KF380 .F91 1969 Law and the behavioral sciences 1
KF380 .F95 1949 The problems of jurisprudence; 1
KF380 .G18 1941 Legal realism and justice, 1
KF380 .G56 The nature of law; readings in legal philosophy, 1
KF380 .G59 1983 Legal reasoning / 1
KF380 .H122 The revival of natural law concepts; a study of the establishment and of the interpretation of limits on legislatures with special reference to the development of certain phases of American constitutional law 1
KF380 .H14 1938 Readings in jurisprudence, 1
KF380.H14 L Living law of democratic society 1
KF380 .H14s Studies in jurisprudence and criminal theory 1
KF380 .H19 The dimensions of liberty 1