Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF3828.Z9 W42 Legal services and community mental health centers 1
KF3828.Z95 H24 1884 Legislation on insanity. A collection of all the lunacy laws of the states and territories of the United States to the year 1883, inclusive. Also the law of England on insanity, legislation in Canada on private houses, and important portions of the lunacy laws of Germany, France, etc. 1
KF3829.A5 G75 Alcoholism and the law, 1
KF3829.A5 Si15 Alcohol detoxification programs; treatment instead of jail, 1
KF3829.E5 B27 Epilepsy and the law; a proposal for legal reform in the light of medical progress, 1
KF3829.N2 A75 Si47 Discrimination and the addict; notes toward a general theory of addict rehabilitation. 1
KF3829.N2 B64 Legal aspects of drug dependence / 1
KF3829.N2 C41 The road to H: narcotics, delinquency, and social policy 1
KF3829.N2 G44e 1974 The effect of a local drug enforcement program upon the availability of illicit drugs / 1
KF3829.N2 In8 Rehabilitating the narcotic addict; report 1
KF3829.N2 J66 Drug addiction: crime or disease? Interim and final reports. 1
KF3829.N2 L93 Overcoming drugs; a program for action 1
KF3829.N2 O5 1966 Narcotic addiction. 1
KF3829.N2 P42 Legal issues in addict diversion / 1
KF3829.N2 T53 Society of subordinates; inmate organization in a narcotic hospital, 1
KF3829.N2 W58 1962 Proceedings
Proceedings, Sept. 27 and 28, State Dept. Auditorium, Washington, D.C
KF3829.N2 Z9 1964 Narcotics law violations, a policy statement 1
KF3829.O6 L64 1968 Addiction and opiates 1
KF3830 .A75 .L39 2010 Law policy forum : laws on the frontiers of technology 1
KF3830 .C34 2009 Test tube families : why the fertility market needs legal regulation / 1