Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4315 .L12 1982 Library law and legislation in the United States / 1
KF4315 .T79 1994 The librarian's legal companion / 1
KF4315.Z9 L41 1982 The Law librarian's professional desk reference and diary 1983 / 1
KF4317 .W54 1929 The Law library in the Capitol, Washington, D.C., 1
KF4319.I5 P96 1986 American Association of Law Libraries Special Interest Sections' handbook 1
KF4319.L3 R53 The libraries of the legal profession / 1
KF4501 .B81 State constitutional conventions from independence to the completion of the present Union, 1776-1959; a bibliography, 1
KF4502 .A25 1927 Documents illustrative of the formation of the union of the American states 1
KF4502 .B46 1996 Sources in American constitutional history / 1
KF4502 .C64 1999 Contexts of the Constitution : a documentary collection on principles of American constitutional law / 1
KF4502 .D43 2003 The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America / 1
KF4502 .D65 The Documentary history of the ratification of the Constitution / 1
KF4502 .D85 1989 Documents of American constitutional and legal history / 1
KF4502 .F82 1987 The Founders' Constitution / 1
KF4502 .K12 1986 The Origins of the American Constitution : a documentary history / 1
KF4502 .L97 1986 Documents of political foundation written by colonial Americans : from covenant to constitution / 1
KF4502 .P79 1877 The federal and state constitutions, colonial charters, and other organic laws of the United States / 1
KF4502 .R61 1906 American constitutions; a compilation of the political constitutions of the independent nations of the New world, with short historical notes and various appendixes. 1
KF4502 .Sl52 1987 Desk-top guide to the constitution : chronology : facts & documents / 1
KF4502 .T39 The federal and state constitutions, colonial charters, and other organic laws of the state, territories, and colonies now or heretofore forming the United States of America / 1