Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4541 .B22 1882 History of the formation of the Constitution of the United States of America / 1
KF4541 .B313 2004 Restoring the lost constitution : the presumption of liberty / 1
KF4541 .B38 1914 An economic interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, 1
KF4541 .B44 2010 The Penguin guide to the United States Constitution : a fully annotated Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Amendments, and selections from the Federalist Papers / 1
KF4541 .B55 2004 The transatlantic constitution : colonial legal culture and the empire / 1
KF4541 .B61 The story of the Constitution 1
KF4541 .B63 2012 The revolutionary constitution / 1
KF4541 .B68 1993 Original intentions : on the making and ratification of the United States Constitution / 1
KF4541 .B684 1998 Free in the world : American slavery and constitutional failure / 1
KF4541 .B688 1999 Reconstructing reconstruction : the Supreme Court and the production of historical truth / 1
KF4541 .B85 1995 It is so ordered : a constitution unfolds / 1
KF4541 .B855 1998 The Burger Court : counter-revolution or confirmation? / 1
KF4541 .C23 History of the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution of the United States. 1
KF4541 .C33e 1963 The elite and the electorate. Is government by the people possible? An occasional paper on the role of the political process in the free society. 1
KF4541 .C553 2019 The pursuit of happiness in the founding era : an intellectual history / 1
KF4541 .C5874 2013 The Constitution of the United States / 1
KF4541 .C5874 2017 The Constitution of the United States / 1
KF4541 .C5895 2002 Constitutionalism and American culture : writing the new constitutional history / 1
KF4541 .C6 1970 American constitutional history; essays by Edward S. Corwin. 1
KF4541 .C66 2016 Constitutionalism, executive power, and the spirit of moderation : essays in honor of Murray P. Dry / 1