Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4541 .P93 1989 Principles of the constitutional order : the ratification debates / 1
KF4541 .R27 1988 The concept of liberty in the age of the American Revolution / 1
KF4541 .R35 1996 Original meanings : politics and ideas in the making of the Constitution / 1
KF4541 .R58 2009 The Supreme Court and Congress : rival interpretations / 1
KF4541 .R63 1986 To run a constitution : the legitimacy of the administrative state / 1
KF4541 .R63 2005 The Constitution and America's destiny / 1
KF4541 .R74 1948 The Constitution and socio-economic change; five lectures delivered at the University of Michigan, March 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28, 1947. 1
KF4541 .R93 1983 The ordeal of the Constitution : the antifederalists and the ratificaton struggle of 1787-1788 / 1
KF4541 .St47 Sources of the Constitution of the United States considered in relation to colonial and English history, 1
KF4541 .St74 Problems of to-day, 1
KF4541 .Su84 Constitutionalism in America; origin and evolution of its fundamental ideas 1
KF4541 .Sw6 The growth of constitutional power in the United States 1
KF4541 .Sw7 1954 American constitutional development. 1
KF4541 .S32 1999 America's Jeffersonian experiment : remaking state constitutions, 1820-1850 / 1
KF4541 .S53 2002 What kind of nation : Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, and the epic struggle to create a United States / 1
KF4541 .S58 1993 To form a more perfect union : the ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, 1787-1791 / 1
KF4541 .S73 2005 Justice Curtis in the Civil War era : at the crossroads of American constitutionalism / 1
KF4541 .Sch95 The reins of power; a constitutional history of the United States 1
KF4541 .Sch95f From confederation to nation: the American Constitution, 1835-1877 1
KF4541 .T39 The origin and growth of the American Constitution : an historical treatise in which the documentary evidence as to the making of the entirely new plan of federal government embodied in the existing Constitution of the United States is, for the first time, set forth as a complete and consistent whole / 1