Call Number (LC) Title Results
KF4545.S5 H93 The law of freedom and bondage in the United States 1
KF4545.S5 L395 1989 Law, the Constitution and slavery / 1
KF4545.S5 .M35 2007 Dred Scott and the politics of slavery / 1
KF4545.S5 .M354 2009 Slavery and the Supreme Court, 1825-1861 / 1
KF4545.S5 M51 1819 A memorial to the Congress of the United States, on the subject of restraining the increase of slavery in new states to be admitted into the Union. 1
KF4545.S5 N43 1995 A necessary evil? : slavery and the debate over the Constitution / 1
KF4545.S5 SL16 1988 Slavery and its consequences : the Constitution, equality, and race / 1
KF4545.S5 S48 1991 A legal history of slavery in the United States / 1
KF4545.S5 S535 1997 Slavery & the law / 1
KF4545.S5 .S55 2006 Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney : slavery, secession, and the president's war powers / 1
KF4545 .S5S68 1991 The South's role in the creation of the Bill of Rights : essays / 1
KF4545.S5 .T74 2004 The Thirteenth Amendment and American freedom : a legal history / 1
KF4545.S5 .T874 2003 Slave law in the American South : State v. Mann in history and literature / 1
KF4545.S5 .W347 2009 Slavery's constitution : from revolution to ratification / 1
KF4545.S5 W55 1996 A peculiar humanism : the judicial advocacy of slavery in high courts of the Old South, 1820-1850 / 1
KF4545.S5 W56 A practical treatise on the law of slavery, being a compilation of all the decisions made on that subject in the several courts of the United States and State courts, with copious notes and references to the statutes and other authorities, systematically arranged 1
KF4545.S7 Am35 1955 The forty-eight States: their tasks as policy makers and administrators; 1
KF4545.Z9 So89 The common sense of the Constitution of the United States, 1
KF4546.A1 R23 1987 The Constitution of the United States : a guide and bibliography to current scholarly research / 1
KF4546 .Su76 The Supreme Court review 1